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Nov 2, 2012 11:30am PDT
these projects were overbudget and i think there is a lot of waste there government. we just talked about the hetch hetchy matter and building was supposed to be $140 million, but it was actually $65 million over budget. the department of public works doesn't even have all of its receipts. the bond oversight committee is supposed to be have access to those receipts. they can't get them. so we ce[6ud money is not accounted for. we found waste in the arts commission, which the controllers office confirmed and the civil grand jury confirm and we also found waste in various other departments. and this board of supervisors needs people on it who will actually ask those questions. thank you. we have a couple other candidates who wanted to jump in here. mr. davis and miss selby. >> after $1.5 billion in public service sector cuts in san francisco since 2008, since our budget crisis, we can't balance our budget going forward on cuts alone. we have got to look for revenue with muni failing and unmaintained parks we need a comprehensive, aggressive revenue strategy. i was one of the activist
Nov 1, 2012 11:30am PDT
the ivorian government, but it's peoe aring (some forest, i lied.nswees each year, we have problemsiv . feeding ourselves. narrator: and from neighboring countriese came to the sparsely-populatedt to find work on the plantations or obtain land. (animals calling ) ( man speaking french ) translator: we come here from the region of sakassou. auame ouurr. when he arrived, he went to see the bakwes, the natives. he explained to them why he had come and what he wanted. they were very nice. they gave him some fort- very good forest, in fact. that's how we ended up here. narrator: nipy is a village in the southwest-- the land of the bakwe people. ( man speaking french ) translator: we received our brothers from neighboring countries-- burkina faso, guinea, mali, the baule from other parts of the ivory coast-- who we allowed to settle, who are planters and who live here side by side with us. narrator: various ethnic groups migrated from the poorer northern savannas. many were baules, originally from the center of the country, but also the senufos, malinkes and lobis from the north. the planta
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2